Monday, November 16, 2009

What to do with Venison

Well, within 30 minutes of dawn on opening day, my husband called and told me he got a buck. That was great to hear, since we use a lot of venison around here.

Over the past few years we have changed what we use it for and how. I didn't grow up eating venison, so it does have a different taste to me. And it all comes down to how it is cooked and seasoned if I like that taste.

We take the roasts and cube them, and can them. We fill the jar up add some onion, and pressure can at 10 lbs for 75 minutes for Pints. It makes it own juice, so no water is needed to add.]

We keep the backstraps and the tenderloins. I cut them up thin and use them to make stirfry. I do keep one backstraps, and cut up so my husband can have it as a steak.

Everything else is ground into burger. We use the burger meat to make jerky, and salami. What is left of the burger is frozen and used then through out the normal cooking. Use it in meatballs, spaghetti, tacos, and anything requiring burger.

This year, I will be taking the rib sections and placing them in the steam juicer to make some venison stock. I have made some chicken stock already this year, and venison stock sounds good to add to the shelf.

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