Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chicken stock and what to use the chicken for

It's so easy to make your own chicken stock. I own a steam juicer, and it's a great thing to own. With it, I can make my own stock very easily. I also make all sorts of juices as well.

To make the chicken stock with a steam juicer, you just take the chicken rinse off, and place in the basket. I placed 2 full chickens into the juicer. It was about 11 pounds of chicken. It takes about 90 min to get a nice rich looking stock. When it's been about 60-70 minutes that it's been in, go ahead and add some onions, carrots, and celery. After the 90 minutes are up. you will want to discard the vegetables, and drain off the stock. I let it cool down and then will can the stock. I have about 5 pints of stock

With the chicken I will let it cool down. I will then de-bone the chicken. With the chicken, I will can some of it. I will also use some chicken to make Chicken a la king, chicken quesadillas, chicken soup and chicken alfredo. With the canned chicken, that comes in handy to make quick dinners. All of the above, can also be made with the canned chicken.

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