Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pork Chops and Applesauce

Anyone that watched the Brady Bunch is probably laughing at the title and picturing Peter saying Pork chops and Applesauce. I know I can remember that episode from the Brady Bunch. But that's what dinner is tonight.

I will start the apple sauce first thing this morning, and let that cook in the crockpot all day. Definitely makes the house smell nice. All you have to do, is peel and core the apples, add some water and let it cook down. We like it on the chunky side, so I just use the potato masher to mash up the apples as they are cooking. If you like a non chunky sauce, use the blender about an hour before you want to serve it. Blend up till a smooth consistency, and then let it cook longer.

I do know some people will use the peels in the apple sauce, as that is where all the nutrition is. If you do that, you will want to use the blender, or food processor to break up the peels. They have said there isn't much of a difference. But you might see the applesauce color from the peels. I add cinnamin to my applesauce. I add and just keep tasting until I like it. Plus it gives a good scent in the house as well. Like Apple Pie....hmm maybe that will be dessert

For the pork chops, we always bread them. Hubby never had them that way until he meet me, and now it's his favorite way to eat them. We just buy a pork loin from sam's club, and cut that up ourselves. We pay about $1.25-$1.50 a pound there, and we get about 8 meals. We typically spend about $15 on one. We package 4 chops together. Then we eat 3 and hubby has for lunch the next day.

To bread them you will need 3 bowls. Add some flour into the first one, not much as you can always add more. Into the second bowl beat 1 egg, if you want to double dip as I do, use 2 eggs. Into the egg mixture, I will add a few drops of water and my spices. I add parsley, oregano, thyme, and majauroum. Into the third bowl add bread crumbs.

Heat your pan up, and add some Olive Oil. Then take a pork chop, dip into the flour, then the egg, and then the bread crumbs. At this point, you can either place into the pan or dip back into the egg, and back into the bread crumbs. I double dip, as we like some extra breading on them.

Do this to all the pork chops. I keep the heat on low, to make sure that they cook all the way, without browning too much to almost burning the outside. I do NOT place a lid on the pan, as it will make the pork chops soggy.

I guess I will make that apple pie, as I will make up sweet potatoes for dinner, and those will go in the oven about 45 minutes to cook.

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