Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deer Season

This weekend is opening weekend for Deer Season. My husband so far has seen several deer where he has been Bow Hunting, but has yet to get one. We are hoping, he gets some this weekend, since everyone will be out in that area.

Deer season is exciting for us. When we first met I wanted nothing to do with it. Now we have it down we can process a deer quite quickly.

After several years we have finally decided how we best like it. We take the roasts and actually cube that up, and can it with some onion. Then when we are busy, we just pop it open add some noodles, and a veggie, and there is dinner. We will keep a couple of the back straps for steaks. those are great marinated, and grilled. The rest will all be made into burger. We go through a lot of burger just on normal uses. But we also like to use the burger and make it into jerky and salami. I will post the salami recipe.

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